Additional Safety Measures

Your health is important to us. 

To ensure safety for all of our existing clients and new clients, below are extra steps that we have implemented in our services.



1. Making sure that every client does not currently have cold or flu like symptoms.

2. Making sure that client have not travelled outside of Canada within the past 14 days.

3. Making sure that client have not been in contact with someone tested positive of COVID-19 within the past 14 days.

4. Making sure that client have not been tested positive of COVID-19.

Before Appointment

1. All tools will be sanitized and disinfected but we recommend to purchase your own set from us.

    (1 Cutting Comb, 4 Clips,1 Cutting Cape will be available for purchase to have your own set for $20 at cost.)

2. All towels are sanitized and disinfected.

3. All protective equipment used in previous appointment are disposed.

During Appointment

1. Stylist will be wearing mask and face shield, client must wear a mask as well.

2. Stylist will be wearing shoe cover. 

3. Stylist and client will be sanitizing their hands first thing into the premise.

4. Stylist will be using your purchased cape or a fresh cape.

5. Stylist will not be blowdrying hair at this time. Styling will be done with hot tools instead. 

Payment Options

1. E-transfer to

2. Cash 

All measures are subject to change recommended by guidelines provided by the government.

If you have any other concerns please contact us by email


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